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Welcome to the new Help Keith Troubleshoot Some Stuff On The Website Feedback Form.

Today's Topic:  Our Keith Ryan Publishing favicon, the little running malamute.

It is supposed to appear next to our name when our site is Bookmarked

and it is supposed to appear up in the browser window Address Bar

which in this case it's not, replaced with the default Internet Explorer "e" icon. I know that on some computers running Firefox and Safari, it is appearing in both places. But what about other versions of Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.? This form is to help me figure out where the favicon is working and where it's not. [By the way, according to Microsoft, if you don't see it in IE, you can try and delete your browsing history cache (Tools>Delete Browsing History) and it will most likely refresh to the favicon if you rebookmark our site.]


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Thank you guys and gals for contributing! That was fantastic.

Love, Keith


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