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Here’s the deal – there is getting to be so much information on the Internet that people are spending more and more time surfing their favorite sites. You check your news sites, your tech sites, your entertainment sites, your favorite blogs, and the next thing you know 45 minutes has gone by – and you’re doing this at work. So somebody (probably a boss) said how can we make it more fast food like? How can we get just the newest stuff? So RSS (Really Simple Syndication) was spawned as a way to push to you just the newest material from a website that you subscribe to. This material comes via a webfeed.

But how you subscribe is not straightforward. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it soon will be as the next version of Internet Explorer 7 and beyond will have an RSS reader built into it. But IE 6 and below doesn’t. So you have to get an RSS reader to see the feed.

Because if you click on this button Feed icon in a browser window, you will either be denied access to the page, or only able to see the XML code for the webfeed, but not the feed itself, because your browser is not an RSS reader (unless you have an add-on extension for Firefox or some other such trickery). But if you have an RSS reader and click on that webfeed icon, or submit our URL address to an RSS reader, you will see this:

However, if you paste our webfeed URL address – http://feeds2.feedburner.com/KeithRyanPublishing
straight into a feed reader, Bloglines for instance, it will look like this:
The Bottom Line
You need an RSS reader. Without one, you will not be able to see our webfeed (or anyone elses for that matter).
So go get one, they're free, and don't forget to come back here and subscribe to us after you do.
And if you have any more questions, there's still hope. Check out our
RSS de facto half mini-FAQ page.
Ok then. Fly.


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