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November 1, 2010
Had a business associate hook his computer to our network, and when the network detected malware it terminated the connection and suggested he use a proxy to connect. I asked him when he last ran a virus scan on his computer. He got a sheepish look on his face and told me that he didn't use anti-virus software. Huh? In this day and age? Little did he realize that not only was his computer at risk, so was our business relationship, because frankly, something like that is cavalier, foolish and self-destructive. Who wants that in a business associate?
November 2, 2010
Spent last night in conversation with a friend exploring the metaphysical, the paranormal, the abstruse. Right up my alley it was; tickled my fancy it did.
November 3, 2010
It was said of the Jocoby sisters, one was good, one was evil. You think?
November 4, 2010
The virtual machine in my computer has been trying to assert itself in inappropriate ways. When I call upon it, it erupts like a two year old throwing a tantrum.  I've had to spank it more than once. Just to make sure I was doing the right thing, I rechecked the Microsoft manual and found this: "Virtual machines should be spoken to sternly and with authority or they will push the limits and make the end user hopping mad." That's what I thought.
November 5, 2010
I've been thinking lately about whether I will join my own social network. Isn't that something to say. Even though I've created one, I've never been on one, it's not really me, or hasn't been up till now, still, if I'm ever going to do it, you know, get social, this is my best opportunity, or will be soon, when we launch it, I guess. Hmm.
November 6, 2010
Maybe someone could start a rent-a-robot store where for a few measly sheckles some mechanical beast could come by our place and tie up a bunch of loose ends around here (frame some pictures, do some building repairs, clean up my office, put the winter chains on the tractor, etc.). Is that so much to ask?
November 7, 2010
James Franco is still single!
We got the last five iPads!
It's a new episode of Grey's Anatomy!
November 8, 2010
You know how they say to take pride in all your accomplishments no matter how small? Well... when I was growing up I didn't know a single Scottish person. Now I know like three. That is a 300% improvement! And I could still meet more before I'm done. So that figure could go even higher! A source of pride indeed, puff puff.
November 9, 2010
Got a hands on with a new Windows Phone 7 unit and I found it quite pleasant. The interface is something different and it's clearly a worthy competitor to Android and iOS smartphones. For those of you with a touch of gray, you might remember this is exactly what happened in the beginning of the computing age, when competition and innovation ruled, and the consistent winners were the consumers. A repeat of that in this niche would be super, eh?
November 11, 2010
November 12, 2010
What's the difference between thinking you're something you're not, and actually being that something? The truth is, nothing. For example, if in your own mind's eye, you think you're a great singer, even though everyone who hears you disagrees, it's no different for the truly great singer, the one that everyone agrees is, because in their own mind's eye, they think the exact same thing - that they are a great singer. So what's the actual difference between the one who is and the one who is living an illusion? Nothing.
November 13, 2010
So I'm listening to Emmylou Harris' haunting version of Springsteen's "Racing In The Streets" on the stereo, while on the big screen I'm also watching a football game with the sound on mute, and I'm also talking on the phone to someone long distance. I first learned to do this up in the Yukon. Everyone did it like that up there. Back then. When I was there. Did too. Every place you walked into - stereo on, TV on, sound on mute, someone on the phone. 'Course it's dark, lonely and depressive up there, so maybe that had something to do with it. Still.
November 14, 2010
It's a new episode of Father Knows Best! 
November 15, 2010
It's Monday, middle of November, late Fall, sorta beautiful in a dying kinda way. Hey, that reminds me of an old company employee, Lenny. Lenny died while on the job, right over there, middle of the day, late November, clutching his Lenny heart and cursing out Samantha, the bewitching minx-like intern who had repeatedly rejected Lenny's crude advances, and was now telling him that her boyfriend, who was a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, was coming in to "visit" with Lenny this afternoon, which was when Lenny started and finished his heart attack, right over there. Funny how the Fall can do that, bring back the memories.  
November 16, 2010
A dead pine tree fell over on a fence section up in the field. There to clean up the damage, I was struck by how this tree had lived a complete life, every day, every season, every hour, in all weather, growing, shooting straight to the light, while intimately connected vertically and laterally underground, rooted to the planet; a witness. This pine tree, me, all of us, we're just here living a life.  
November 17, 2010
Wow, I'm in a store near a little girl and her mother. She says, Mama, if Heaven is weeping when it rains, then what is Heaven doing when it snows? The mother, bargain hunting down a pair of faux fox slippers says, Who told you that crap, your born again Dad? Listen, that's like saying when it snows, Heaven's on a field trip to Hell - WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE! - 'cause there ain't neither place, get me? And snow is just freezin' rain, sweetie. I'm sorry, honey, but your father's a moron. Your weekend with that guy is starting to creep me out. We gotta get the visitation rights changed. He's affecting  you.
November 18, 2010
Ok, so what's this: I woke up with the taste of banana in my mouth. It was exactly like I had just eaten a banana. But I hadn't. In fact, there were no bananas in the house. But I woke up after having just eaten one. The taste, the texture, all still there. So what is that? Does anybody else have these kinds of experiences?  
November 19, 2010
It's Friday. Have a colorful day.
November 20, 2010
I thought I was going to have a day of little to nothing to do, and now I don't. Work has cropped up, but that's a good thing, and I'm glad to do it because it's creative and it furthers my goals. But for the rest of you, what say, take the day off. I know that's a sweeping, hollow gesture, but it's also empowering. Because you might say to yourself, Why not? Why not, indeed, my friend.  
November 21, 2010
When in doubt conversationally, ask a question. Soliciting someone's opinion usually makes them feel good. It can jumpstart a lull. This works in all cases except for the little kid who learns to ask why? after everything you say. That isn't a conversation, it's a hijacking, an exercise in limit testing, and no, you don't feel good answering any more of those questions, and yes, you do want to strangle that child something fierce from about the 4th why? on. But save yourself some prison time by returning their why? with a why not? Answering a question with a question short circuits the polemic. And that's what we're about here, helpful stuff, all the time.  
November 22, 2010
I have 18 years of higher education and in all that schooling, the only instructor/professor/teacher that stood out was a 5'1" authoritarian horror show from Russia, teaching English, in high school. She was brutal. Sentence conjugation was her whip. I've had thousands and thousands of hours of formal education, and no one stands out save her. What the hell is that?
November 23, 2010
Where is everyone?
Is it the wrong day?
Is the calendar to blame?
Do they know he's waiting?
How long should he wait?
Maybe they're hiding?
Maybe they're laughing at him?
Are they really his friends?
Would friends do this to another friend?
How much more should he wait?
Who would do this to him? 
November 24, 2010
Facts for today, so far:
-- It's -20, still dark and I'm outside barbecuing at 6:30AM. Don't ask why.
-- My sister has a new granddaughter with the arrival of Samantha Claire.
-- My tarot card for the day is King of Swords - a brilliant leader. Ooh...
-- I contemplated going back to bed earlier, but sadly, didn't have that luxury, grilling outdoors in the dark and all. But the fact is, I did think about it.
-- Got a wrong call, was asked if Leon was here, I asked him what number he was dialing, he gave me my number, I still told him it was wrong. I don't know anybody who even knows anybody named Leon. Something smelled fishy.
-- The only other fact for today, so far, is really a question: How can your hair hurt? That ever happen to you? 
November 25, 2010
If your blog were named The Best Blog Nobody Reads, and you suddenly got famous via Digg or Reddit and immediately acquired a million new readers, would you change the title of your blog?  
November 26, 2010
You know how your blood boils and your head nearly explodes from the exasperation of someone not doing something the way you'd do it? Ok, this is why that is. The reason they're not doing it your way, is they're not you. And don't forget, you are the best at doing it your way, the master, so that's like strike two already. It's best to let them make their own mistakes and then at some point, when you can't stand it anymore and your blood boils and your head nearly explodes, come down on them like a ton of bricks...wait a minute, that's where we started. Huh. Never mind.    
November 27, 2010
Being petty is such a sucky trait. There's always that one person too, the narrow minded pinhead who contributes nothing but dominates via a spectacular display of inessential importance.  What if there were a law against pettiness? Act petty, get thrown in jail. Meet cellmates Tiny and Horst. Get over your pettiness super fast. Become a better citizen because of it. Rehabilitation that really works. Now that's a win win. I should write to somebody. 
November 28, 2010
For all you wanna be hepcats, that's how you cut a rug.
November 29, 2010
It doesn't matter how much you have going for you, everybody has drama in their life. The only exception to this appears to be George Clooney. Is he a freak of nature? Has he got it all figured out? But this isn't about Clooney, it's about you. I can't remember what my point was now. Great.  
November 30, 2010
Now I know why one keeps multiple backups. I had an application that auto updated and I didn't like the new changes at all. I had several former backups so I went through them until I found the one that had saved the previous version of this app. I reinstalled it, removed auto update, and am now back to being happy with everybody and everything and all that there is once again.


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