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KeithSpeak - March 2010




There are beauties and natural wonders aplenty on this marvelous and compelling planet. Not the least of which are us.
                                                              But this planet is every bit as alive as we are.

                                                           Which, if you really think about it, is breathtaking.

March 2, 2010
Lordy, the recent filibuster had all these political hacks defending everything in the world as black and white, and I couldn't help but wonder why there are over 16 million other colors? I'm serious.
March 3, 2010
Get this. This guy asks for my opinion and when I give it, he tells me that my opinion is worthless. Of course I huff, Then why did you ask for it in the first place? "I didn't know what it was before I asked," he said. "When you gave it, I knew it was worthless. So you're right, I might as well never have asked." Waaaait a minute. I'm suspicious. How can I be right and wrong at the same time? Aren't there physics involved with that conundrum? Isn't that like going back in time to alter something so the future is different, only it gets seriously messed up because when you go back in time with future knowledge, you are not the you you were back then, so all kinds of unanticipated things will happen to botch everything forever after that, which wasn't your intention, but will be the result nonetheless, so that when you get back to the present you, you find that you are no longer the you you were before you went back in time, just as you weren't the you of the past. And it will leave you asking yourself, who is the real you? It's just like that. Right?
March 4, 2010
When I want to kill a half hour at work, my new occasional hobby has been searching for gorgeous desktop pictures. For years, I pretty much kept the same desktop wallpaper and rarely, if ever, changed it. But with my, ahem, spiffy new hi rez widescreen monitor, and the umpteen hours I spend in front of it, what I'm looking at suddenly started to matter. So I started searching. I have thousands of beautiful 1920 x 1200 wallpaper pics that rotate automatically every half hour. It's like a mini surprise every time it changes. There it goes again! Keeping it fresh, my little amusement.  
March 5, 2010
Writing about the art of photography is like explaining a magic trick. Words just cheapen the effect. All one needs to do is observe.


March 6, 2010

I'm standing in line listening to the old guy behind me tell his companion how he used to be an Israeli special ops agent and helped start the Mossad "back in '48". His companion asks if he ever killed anyone. "None that didn't deserve it," he answered. Ooh, this I just had to see. I turn around and lay eyes upon a compact, tightly built, 85 year old man who smiles at me much like I would assume a serial killer eyeing his next victim would smile. Gave me the chills, brother. I turned back around, half expecting to be knifed in the back. He goes on to tell his companion that he's just a retired old man now, but I didn't believe him for a second.


March 8, 2010

I was gonna be all sweetness and light today but I'm grumpy, cranky even. We had a big wind storm last night, maybe it blew in some bad vibes? I should warn people.


March 9, 2010

Sages, gurus, you're always told it's the journey, not the destination. But every journey ends somewhere, right? Then what? Do you take a rest, start another journey, play video games? How come they don't tell you what's next?


March 10, 2010

Oh no, my file cabinets are full. Actually, they were full ages ago, I just kept finding tiny pockets of barely there space to keep jamming things in. Sadly, there isn't any jamming room left. If I want to pull out a single folder, I have to remove like 9 of 'em they're so tightly packed. Obviously, I can either buy more filing cabinets or clean out the ones I have. Yessss, now where did I put those car keys...  


March 11, 2010

People are always asking me what's the best Johnny Cash album ever. I like to think the jewel in Johnny's crown had to be, "Look at them beans", an early, haunting work completely shunned by the music industry, at least until it won the Future Farmers of America's Album of the Year award. Moe Belkins, head of Johnny's record label at the time said, "Agriculture! Who knew?!" Who knew indeed, Moe.



March 12, 2010

I'm really good at waiting, because sometimes in this world, you just have to wait. I can have sensational moments of coronary inducing frustration and end up screaming and losing my mind causing widespread panic and alarm in those unfortunately placed strangers waiting near me in line, sure, I'm human, but usually I'm a pretty good waiter. Saaay, what about you? Do you wait well?


March 13, 2010

I couldn't believe it. When I let it slip that the commissary was going to bring back pizza for breakfast, the crowd went crazy!



March 14, 2010

The 2010 Paralympics Winter Games have started in Vancouver. There is an unspoken national pressure on the men's sledge hockey team to join the men's and women's Olympic ice hockey teams in earning gold, and in doing so, create a Canadian Olympic trifecta in our national sport, ice hockey, which would undoubtedly make the nation delirious, proud, happy and even more polite. To a man the Paralympians said they were nervous and excited about the challenge. And if anyone knows something about determination, desire, grit, it's these incredible athletes. The maple leaf is waving, boys, play on.   


March 15, 2010

Ok, I've decided that I'm tired of waiting. I know I know, I recently boasted of how good I was at waiting, but I've changed. Now I want things to happen. See, when you're waiting, things don't happen. I've decided that's crazy. So come on. Now.  


March 16, 2010

It's hard to feel sympathy for people you don't respect. Sympathy shouldn't have to be earned, like respect, but it's pretty darned difficult to supply the one when there is a lack of the other. So why should I pretend fawn over the death of some celebrity I neither cared for nor respected just because the media decides to beat to death his death?


March 17, 2010


Rooted, dazed, stunned, the crowd witnessed the most dramatic air guitar solo of Smoke On The Water ever seen.


March 18, 2010

Last week a Hydro truck stopped by our house to tell us they were changing out something on a nearby power pole and that we would have no electricity for a short period of time. True to their word, the power went off and on when they said it would. Nice, eh? A couple of days later, a cable company truck was parked on our road and they too were fixing something on a power pole. All day long the Internet and our mail service went off and on, off and on. We run two businesses on our property and both were completely hamstrung by the constant and unpredictable loss of the Internet and mail. No warning was ever given so we could plan accordingly. And they did it again the following day! And the cable industry wonders why people hate them so.   


March 19, 2010

Is there really destiny? And if so, does each and every person have a destiny? Can it be altered, circumvented, sabotaged? Can it remain unfulfilled? Can one have multiple destinies? Simultaneous destinies? What if one's destiny has arrived early, is it all downhill after that? Here's a thought: what if destiny, like most everything, is all in your head.


March 20, 2010

I've been having a few worries about this and that. This morning I decided I've had enough of that, and did this. I examined and identified the source of my stressors, all self-imposed of course, reframed my thoughts about why I saw them as negatives when I could just as easily see them as positives, and in doing so, created a new, beneficial way for me to relate to this and that. Neat-o.  


March 21, 2010

I went to a party last night. Got home late. Got up late. Drat, lingering effects. Creative faculties missing? Check. Head aflame? Check. I'm beginning to suspect today is about living with limitations. That's all I've got so far. Ok, onward, kinda.


March 22, 2010

Today is the first day of Spring, but for us here in British Columbia, with a Winter completely devoid of snow and temperatures consistently north of the freezing mark, it is more like day 91 of Spring.


March 23, 2010


                At last, the seats could enjoy the movie without someone blocking the view.

March 24, 2010


Tuck jumped the fence after he saw a deer run by. He was out for about 15 minutes and came back huffing and puffing from his exertion. 60 seconds after he returned, the deer reappeared and Tuck once again leapt the fence. A while later he came dragging back, so tired from his chase that he just flopped down in the yard panting like a madman. Unbelievably, the deer returned again, only Tuck was so tired that he couldn't muster the energy to clear the fence, let alone give chase. We sat and watched as the one deer was joined by another and then another. There were three! We're they stringing Tucker along?  


March 25, 2010

Do you know the feeling of synergy? When a bunch of people work on disparate parts of a bigger design and they all come together to find that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? Me neither. Haw, just kidding. I'm actually involved in a project where that exact thing is happening. What's cool about it is everyone is engaged, and everyone, no matter how big or small their part, feels like an integral piece of the final big picture. Sure, maybe we're not red caped superheroes saving the planet from interstellar evil, but it's empowering nonetheless. Is too.


March 26, 2010

Tax season is upon us. I know this because I passed a bus stop billboard that showed the smiling face of Rex Strumdale and read, How good an accountant is Rex Strumdale? He has a loophole named after him. The Strumdale Sinker. That's like an Oscar for accountants. New clients accepted. 555-5555.


March 27, 2010

We go everywhere with our 3 malamutes. Even if we're just running errands in town, they are all in the truck with us. Over the years, many people have come up to Susan and I and said they have no idea who we are, but they all know our dogs. Isn't that cute? And even then, no one introduces themselves, they just gush over the critters and go about their merry ways. It's a perfect example of small town life, and just one more reason why I love living here.


March 28, 2010

In sickness and in health.



March 29, 2010

Last week I cut open a package and my thumb at the same time. Watching that wound heal itself day by day was an amazing thing to observe. I was literally healing myself while I had no idea how I was doing that. The wound closed up, the skin knitted together and I got to watch my body regenerate it's form, all without my knowledge, "consent", or literal input. What more proof would one need that every cell of our body is intelligent and connected to every other intelligent cell in our bodies? We are the miraculous.


March 31, 2010

Not much to say. Felled by a cold/sore throat/runny nose and haven't yet recovered. It's back to bed for me. Later, my pretties.


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